SETAR Sp. z o.o. offers a wide range of services in the field of freight forwarding, including:
- International cargo shipments from Poland and other EU countries to Russia, Caucasus, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, etc.
- Preparation of documents for customs clearance.
- Preparation of export/import documents for international cargo shipments.
- Provision of insurance for cargo protection.
- Consulting in the field of foreign economic activity.
- Development of favorable schemes in the delivery of goods.
Depending on cargo specifications and delivery times we can organize the following types of transport:
♦ Automobile transportation: Standard tilted trucks, automobiles with temperature maintenance - reefer trucks, automobiles for heavyweight and oversized cargoes, mega trailers, couplers, etc.
♦ Railroad transportation: Standard covered railway wagons, wagons with refrigerated sections (maintaining required temperature regime), gondola wagons, platform wagons, other specialized wagons.
♦ Air transportation (cargo airplanes)
♦ Waterway transportation
♦ Multimodal transportation (combination of the above mentioned modes of transportation with a transshipment at a terminal).
We are offering the following consulting services:
• Composition of foreign-trade contracts in several languages (Russian-Polish, English-Polish, English-Russian)
• Consultation on the use of INCOTERMS. Misinterpretation of those rules can result in traps in taxation.
• Estimation of contract costs.
• Step by step implementation of the whole process of the completion of international transaction: from signing the contract to cargo delivery at the warehouse.
• Assistance in negotiations with Polish partners.
• We can help you determine which documents you will need for the preparation of cargo for export or import, and we can also assist you in filling out necessary paperwork under the terms of self-pickup (EXW, FCA).
• Filling out paperwork related to foreign economic activities.
• Taxation related to foreign economic activities.
• We will assist you in choosing the most favorable cargo delivery scheme, according to the contract.
• Consultations on multimodal transportation.
• Consultations on warehousing, assistance in filling out necessary documents.
• Assistance in the declaration of goods: selection of HS code.
• Improvement of fixed and variable costs in foreign economic activities.
• Consultation on questions related to reissuance of documents.
If you would like to calculate the transportation cost or if you have any questions please use the inquiry form in the contacts section.